Payment security

We reduce payment fraud by verifying the identity of the customer and by eliminating the transmission of any sensitive information during a purchase transaction.

A security breach can cost your company millions of dollars and damage your brand.

​Transmitting static information such as username, password, or payment card information during an internet or payment transaction invites hackers and theft of valuable information.  At Veridex, our security products eliminate the transmission of any valuable data from your customer during an internet or payment transaction – improving security while simplifying the process for the consumer

IDENTITY authentication

At the core of each of our products, our patent-pending technology delivers unequaled security with a simplified user experience

Email security

We eliminate phishing and provide your customers peace of mind by verifying the authenticity of your emails.

​Promoting secure digital commerce through Next Generation

internet and payment security

Login security

We reduce identity theft and eliminate usernames and passwords by creating single-use identification credentials that contain no pre-existing or static information.