VeriMail is designed to be easily integrated into your customer service and marketing operations.  It can be branded or white-labeled and licensed as a SaaS, hosted by Veridex, or as software installed on your servers, so you have complete control over the operating and security environments.  

Phishing is a growing problem for organizations.  Phishing emails look increasingly authentic and even tech-savvy customers are at risk of having critical information stolen.  A recent study indicates that over 30% of phishing emails are opened and 12% of the recipients click on a malicious link.

VeriMail by Veridex effectively eliminates phishing exposure for you and your customers.  The process is simple.  You include a VeriMail generated QR-Code in your emails to your customers.  Your customer then uses VeriMail to scan the QR-Code.  By scanning from within VeriMail, no malicious requests or activity can be activated on the user's device by the QR-Code.  VeriMail then determines the authenticity of the email and informs the user whether it's safe or not.